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Fit Doctrine:

Charlotte Running Company is a member of the Running Industry Association (RIA), which states, “The RIA’s sole purpose is to drive the running industry forward. We are passionate about supporting the running community and developing the business of our members. We succeed through collaboration, education, advocacy, innovation and delivering an exceptional customer experience.” What sets Charlotte Running Company apart from other shoe stores, and what makes us Specialty*, is our Fit Experience. Above all our mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience, and find the right shoe the first time.


Charlotte Running Company - Fit Process

We will do this by qualifying each of our customers individually and not on a general scale of measure. Some questions you may be asked upon entry: Are you dealing with any injuries? Are you training for anything? Have you ever been fit for running shoes before? These questions help us better provide the most accurate and precise Fit Experience. We then measure your foot, making sure that we have you in the appropriate size shoe. We’ll look at a your foot shape, making sure we bring out shoes that best accommodate your foot pattern. Next, comes the most important part of our process: the Video Gait Analysis. We will first bring out a neutral shoe for you. This shoe has a single density foam which allows your foot to flex naturally inside the shoe without altering your gait. We will analyze your gait by taking a 30 second video of you running or walking on the treadmill. Any inefficiency in our gait is multiplied during this activity so it’s important that we take a look at any deviation in the angles from our ankles, to our knees, to our hips. After the video of your gait we will break down the recording frame by frame, select 1 of 5 categories according to what we see, and then bring out options from our 14 brand selection.


After having pulled shoes, you will try them all on for feel and comfort. We will allow you to try several shoes, allowing you the opportunity to compare them all in search of the most natural, comfortable fit. After doing so, our team member will double check the fit, and make sure everything is appropriate for each individual customer in accordance with our fit philosophy. This includes both the actual physical fit of the shoe around the foot, and how the shoe fits your individual gait.


We have the broadest shoe selection in the Charlotte area, encompassing the top 14 brands to ensure we have the tools to provide an exceptional and awesome experience to anyone that walks through our door. We pride ourselves on being a resource for EVERYONE.